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Oracle, Linux and Lims - Programming, Installation, Consulting

Who we are

Scott Johnston Inc. provides data management consulting, systems support and programming services to laboratories large and small throughout North America. The Seedpak Lims by LabVantage Solutions (formerly ACS) is our specialty, although we have experience with other systems as well. Designing and programming custom software automation solutions to fit your unique laboratory needs is what we do best.

Upgrade your Seedpak Lims to Oracle 9i, 10g or 11g! Move your Lims off your old and slow Unix system to a new 64 bit server running Linux and gain a tremendous increase in throughput. Plus there is no substitute for the peace of mind that comes from running on supported hardware and software.

We can also help you on the client side too. Whether it's moving your Oracle Forms to the latest web based version, adding custom features, connecting instruments or training your staff, we have the experience to handle the task.

Scott Johnston has been working in and around Environmental and Industrial Hygene laboratories since 1984 and with Seedpak since 1990. Scott Johnston Inc celebrates it's 10th year of service to our customers in 2008! - Copyright (c) 2011 - Scott Johnston Inc. All rights reserved.