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Papers and Presentations

Papers and Presentations by Scott Johnston

"Selecting the Environmental Lims", Presented at the Pittsburgh Conference in New Orleans, LA, March 1992.

"Using Lims to Enhance Quality and Increase Productivity", Presented at the New York Association of Accredited Environmental Laboratories meeting in Rochester, NY, September, 1992.

"Using Lims to Improve Quality in a Commercial Industrial Hygiene Laboratory", Presented at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition in New Orleans, LA, May 1993.

"Using Lims to Enhance Productivity and Improve Quality", Presented at the Water Environment Federation, Laboratory Specialty Conference in Santa Clara, CA, August 9, 1993. *** Full text available here

"Automating Client Service Activities", Presented at the ACS Seedpak Lims Usergroup conference, 1994.

"Using Lims to Enhance Quality and Increase Productivity, Part II", Presented at the International Association of Environmental Testing Laboratories Seventh Annual Conference in Hilton Head Island, SC, October 4, 1994.

"Seedpak Lims", Presented at the LIMS USA Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, 1996. - Copyright (c) 2011 - Scott Johnston Inc. All rights reserved.